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Commercial Internet Web Service Price List:

Buxcom designed Commercial web accounts include the following:

  1. Design and creation of Web page (see below) which includes graphics, text of your choice, Created to your specifications, and placed on servers maintained at our location.
  2. Publication of your web site address. This is accomplished by submitting your web address to the top search engines on the WorldWideWeb.This will enable anyone to locate your web site, by searching for key words or phrases relevant to your company, (eg. Croydon, Bucks County, electronics manufacturing, archery, printing) for information of value to them.
  3. Email account.

Includes items 1 thru 3 above with up to five pages of content, with four logos, photos, or graphic images (provided by you), includes 30 minutes of free design changes six times a year, and up to 25 meg of storage space for files. Also provided with WebSite accounts are automatically generated access reports.
Your web address will be in the form of "yourname".buxcom.net
or, with the additional Domain Name registration "yourname".com .

Example-1 of a BuxCom WebSite Account
Example-2 of a BuxCom WebSite Account
Example-4 of a BuxCom WebSite Account

WebSite Account
Less (1) Design / Creation
You Design / Maintain
$30.00 per month (6 Mo Pmt)
$50.00 setup
WebSite Account
BuxCom Design / Maintain
$35.00 per month
$25.00 per month (if Paid 6 mo at time)
$300.00 setup
SubDomain WebSite $5.00 per month discount
off the above rates
$20.00 off setup
Additional Email Accounts   $ 3.50 each per month
$5.00 setup
Domain Name $40.00 per year
$125.00 setup (inc.=2 years)

Bulk email will NOT be tolerated